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Cyber Monday Deals Are Serious Business For Solopreneurs

Nate McCallister
1 min readNov 13, 2023


For internet business owners, Cyber Monday is more than a cool time to snag a previous generation iPad or get a few free months on their peloton subscription. It’s a huge opportunity to lower our yearly fixed costs on the things we already pay for.

Seriously, it’s not just a couple of fun little savings, each year I save literal $1,000s of dollars by jumping on Cyber Monday and Black Friday deals.

The biggest ones to be on the lookout for are…

  • Hosting
  • Email marketing
  • Website plugins
  • Accounting tools

I share an updated list each year of the biggest deals I’m buying in the online business space.

So, be sure to check EVERY TOOL that you pay for seeing if there is a discount on it. I bet you money there is.

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