The Amazon Influencer Program Is the Most Underrated Passive Income Opportunity of the Year

Nate McCallister


Zero Cost, Huge Monthly Recurring Potential

I’m dedicating the next 30 days to recording 100 product review videos for my Amazon influencer storefront.

If you want to grow a new passive income stream, I think you should do the same.

Let’s talk about the program.

What Is the Amazon Influencer Program?

The program was released last year to a decent amount of early excitement, but it didn’t seem to last.

It’s essentially a variation of the existing Amazon associate program.

Amazon’s page promoting the program is only marginally interesting. The advertise it as a hub that you can send your own traffic to to promote the things you like on Amazon.

That, is lame.

No one, even large influencers, really care about that. They can make their own websites or already have one.

But here’s the kicker that makes it so much more exciting: On-site commissions.

On-site commissions give us the ability to earn money by leaving video reviews of products that are already listed on Amazon.

If someone watches our video and then purchases the product after, we get paid a commission.

The difference in the programs. Graphic created by the author.

For example, I reviewed this wallet that I bought a few months ago.

Image captured and edited by the author.

The other day, I realized that that review that I’d published and forgot about had earned…



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