5 Ways I’m Using ChatGPT-4, Image Search and Dall-E3 in My Business This Week

Nate McCallister


Anyone who claims to have all the answers about how to use AI is lying. There are just too many new tools and constant updates to really separate yourself.

So, instead of showing you the “answers,” I’m going to just show you some examples of how I’ve used the brand new ChatGPT image upload feature and the Dall-E3 image generator this week in my content marketing business.

#1: Exporting Data from ConvertKit to Spreadsheets

Look, I know that ConvertKit should already be able to do this more easily, and there is surely a fancy way to do this with the API, but this method worked well.

Step #1: Take Screenshots of the Data I Wanted

I used SnagIt for this. You can use whatever. I am obsessed with SnagIt though. I can’t remember the last time I wrote a post that didn’t use it in some way.

Step #2: Upload the Image to ChatGPT and with This Prompt:

“Extract the data from this and put it into a table. The columns should be Title, Date Sent, Time Sent, Recipients, Open Rate, Click Rate, Clicks, and Unsubscribes.”

Step #3: Copy and Paste the Data into a Google Sheet and Repeat

I also wanted to see which links inside my broadcasts were getting the most clicks. I decided that doing that with AI wasn’t the most feasible approach, so I used some of my FancyHands credits and had them do it manually.

As cool as AI is, I still use VAs and services like FancyHands for more unique tasks. FancyHands is an "on-call" VA service, which is fantastic if you need occasional VA help but don’t want to go through the hiring process and find work to keep them busy all the time. This link will give you 50% off your first month.

#2 YouTube Thumbnails and Graphics for Blog Posts

The new Dall-E3 functionality is really cool. It’s still hit or miss, but you can get some really great outputs, and they have text on them.

The graphics are better than the text so far, and they do require a bit of editing in most cases.

I got this graphic for a blog post I wrote about using doodles in your content.

I also got this graphic for a blog post on PPC Ad Spy Tools.

And here are a few I got for a blog post called “24 AI Proof Jobs”

Pretty neat, right?

Also, Dall-E3 understands sizing requirements. I can ask for things like "a Pinterest-sized graphic" or a “YouTube thumbnail," and it will give me images with the correct dimensions.

#3: Extract Data from a Graph

The output on the first one I tried wasn’t amazing, but it was a nice start.

I wanted to make my own graph out of the data from an existing bar graph about the optimal number of images to words in a blog post. So, I uploaded the graph and asked ChatGPT to export the data into a table format that I could use to make my own graph.

It rounded the data, often times to the higher value. I’ll come back to this in the future, as I’m sure it will get better.

#4: Give Me Insights on Raw Sales Data

One of my favorite things about ChatGPT is that it understands raw data that I copy and paste into it.

For example, I gave it some data about affiliate sales I wanted to analyze.

ChatGPT-4 somehow understands this…

Here’s what it gave me:

Insights from the data I gave it.

Pretty neat?

#5 Scrap Lists from Blog Posts

The web-scraper feature in ChatGPT-4 is awesome. I was writing a review post about QuillBot I asked it this..

So freaking cool!

Ok, that’s all for now. Tell me in the comments how you’re using ChatGPT-4 lately! This article is barely scratching the surface.



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